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All over the world, people love to visit the beach, some more so than others. Whether its a casual summer day out with friends or family, or, in the case of surfers for example, a lifetime obsession with the ocean that draws you to it, most people have probably, at some time, been affected by sunburn, the sand , coral and stinging ocean creatures.

Every surfer on the planet has for decades extolled the miraculous virtues of Aloe Vera above any other plant or healing agent. The problem is, however, as every surfer will tell you, that taking aloe vera gel or liquid or even a piece of the plant to the beach is immediate suicide to its effectiveness. This is because when aloe vera in liquid or gel form comes in contact with the air it begins an immediate process of severe bacterial degradation which renders it useless when it's needed. So in other words, once the top is off the bottle – the magic is over.

But fortunately there is a pristine aloe vera derivative now available which solves this dilemma! Aloeride® product which can be transported and utilized far more easily because of its tiny hypoallergenic capsules that are blister foil sealed to maintain freshness.

Each Aloeride® capsule contains 180mg of pure Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller powder. And in fact Aloeride® is clinically proven to be more potent than the plant itself! You may ask how can that be ?! Well, through intensive clinical testing, British clinician Han van de Braak and his team discovered a unique way to extract the powerful nutrients from the aloe vera plant and converting them to 300 active molecules of powder.

ALOERIDE is so pure in fact, it's been classified a food supplement and is the only aloe vera product available in the world which has achieved pharmaceutical standards.

Very interesting you may say, but how does this translate to surfing, sun, the beach and it's perils? Well, many surfers who live in these elements and suffer sun damage and injuries at the beach on a regular basis are now using this remarkable capsule everyday. Firstly, they take Aloeride® internally as a supplement and UV protector. When Aloeride® is taken for two weeks prior to exposure to the sun it provides remarkable UV protection from the inside out. This is because Aloeride® feeds the deepest layer of skin cells directly through the blood stream-fortifying individual cells with a UV protection as the skin grows outward. This translates to less burning, longer thinking and far deeper protection.

Secondly, if you do go into the water whether it be for surfing, bodysurfing or just swimming you are at risk as surfer's say of, "slamming bottom." Scraping your chin, chest and stomach across a coral reef, rocks or even the churned up sand is not fun, and an experience that can produce some pretty serious scrapes and lacerations. Because of these surfers are not only loading up on Aloeride® internally, they are cracking open capsules and pouring the powder directing into their wounds. The active ingredients in Aloeride® immediately begin a miraculous healing process on contact and the wounds heal at a much faster rate. Surfers and other beach lovers have expressed they experienced immediate relief from the burning sensation of a jellyfish sting by rinsing in salt water and putting Aloeride® powder on the welts. This combined with having taken Aloeride® orally provides an immediate response to start repairing the skin from the inside out and even minimizes or eliminates scarring.

Source by Dave Simpson

rings, clothing, shopping, bracelets

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