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Vaginal itching – How many women have found them self in a situation where the urge to relieve an itch around their private parts becomes so unbearable that they had to leave the room to relieve the urge (scratch) so not to cause embarrassment to them self or that of others in their company. Remember ladies that trying to disguise the discomfort by tightening the legs to squeeze the life out of the vaginal itch is not the best approach to claim relief. If you attempt this course of action then there is a strong possibility that an onlooker may see you as doing the rumba, which is not really an acceptable image of yourself if standing in a bus queue.

An itchy vagina can become painful if the skin around the affected area is rubbed red raw through clawing. A tingling sensation and irritation of the skin around the vagina.(vulva) is how the condition is described Not only is vaginal itching annoying it tempts the patient to scratch with aggression. Hygiene is profound; the hands should be cleaned before scratching and after. Dirty finger nails that tear the skin cause infection.

Causes behind vaginal itching are varied but most common known are chemical irritants contained in certain products. Content based chemicals that come in contact with the skin which encourage irritation are detergents, fabric softeners, feminine sprays, ointments, douches, contraceptive foams or jellies.

One recognized symptom of vaginal yeast infection is a discharge – white in colour and curd-like texture. Known yeast infection causers are antibiotics, birth control tablets, menstruation, pregnancy and diabetes, even condom use and sexual intercourse. However use a condom when engaging in sex. A weak immune system can make you susceptible to infection.

Vaginitis means inflammation of the vagina, should you suffer from the disorder then cause can be blamed on the presence of an infection. Noticeable changes in your discharge i.e. smell and colour, burning feeling in the vagina, discomfort when urinating or during sex are all symptoms of vaginitis. A common cause is thrush infection (a fungus -candida albicans).

Stress can increase vaginal itching making you more prone to infection. A drop in estrogen causes thinning of the vaginal wall and less lubrication while going through the menopause. Vaginal itching can occur from one of the many named causes, however, determining which cause is important so the appropriate medication is prescribed. A rare reason for vaginal/vulva itch include: pin-worms, pin-worms more often than not are parasites more known to affect children.

Keep the genital area clean and dry. Use unscented soap when washing. Make sure smellies used to bathe in (bubble bath) contain no irritants. Avoid perfumed feminine sprays and douches unless packaging states otherwise.

Cotton knickers are safer to wear than panties made from synthetic materials. Cleanse your self by wiping from front to back after using the toilet (vagina to anus).

It is easier said than done but do try to avoid scratching, scratching can aggravate. Even more difficult for some is to ration the passion, abstain from sexual encounters until the symptoms disappear. Yeast infections are not directed towards being sexually transmitted. The yeast infection is also known to affect men following sexual contact causing itching and redness.

Despite what you believe may be the right medication bought from the chemist to treat you`re infection, it is best to consult a doctor first. Seek medical advice if you notice signs of vaginal bleeding when not menstruating, swelling or detect a repulsive vaginal odor. A burning sensation when urinating or other urinary symptoms may be urinary tract infection. Antifungal drugs are normally prescribed for yeast infections.

Antibiotics in most cases are prescribed for bacterial vaginal infections and some sexually transmitted diseases, however, if protection is used it lessens the odds of catching an STD and also an unwanted pregnancy of which will definitely highlight the vagina for the next nine months.

Source by Kacy Carr

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