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The Freebie world is growing at a rapid pace. More and more traders are entering this industry to make a realistic income on a monthly basis. In this industry, one can realistically make anywhere between $ 300- $ 6000 / month. This is not change money, and it can replace your full time job. I am going to show you how you can survive this industry and how you will be able to maximize your profit by following a few simple steps.

1. Be organized! This is one of the most important steps in a trader's career. It is crucial for a trader to stay on top of their offers, referrals, and networks. Create a spreadsheet; no create two, three, or as many as it takes to keep you organized. There are plenty of samples floating around in forums for traders to use. If you are required to modify it, then do it. Customize it to your style and make sure your comfortable using it !!!

2. Be active! If you are serious about making money, you need to put in some effort. Be active online! You're using Forums that are designed for traders, great! Now, get active. I do not mean post word association or Movies AZ threats, start posting useful information. Help other members on the forums by posting tips and hints. What ever it takes, do it, but do not stop there. Every other user on this forum is your competitor so start heading to forums that are not designed for IFW traders !!! Be active, and use your signature to get FREE referrals! Advertise to a market that is not already exposed to this industry !!!

3. Be selective! I often see traders advertising 25-30 sites. At times, this can be confusing for new traders. Often, one network is designed and operates better the next. Try to only have your top networks (1 site per network) in your post. Make it short and sweet! I am not against putting in a disclaimer that you have many other sites available, but listing 40-50 of them can become overwhelming.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have completed the networks you are advertising. It is crucial that you know exactly what offers are available, the time lines for each step and the customer services provided by these networks.

4. From start to end! Trading with a veteran is great. Not much to explain, and very little guidance is required. But if you're dealing with a new trader? Often I hear that new traders are misguided, or have received very little to no guidance when completing their first site. Great customer service is expected from networks, so why should not this be the case for traders? Make yourself available and guide new traders through their first site step by step. New traders are your new clients! Provide great customer service, and they will return to complete more sites for you !!!

5. Think outside the box! So you have followed step 1-4, and so did everyone else on these forums. Now what? Start thinking outside the box. First thing you should do is start a web site or blog advertising your networks. You can register one for $ 50 / year (This can also be your offer completion on a network) or use free sources such Blogger or WordPress. Make sure your web site looks professional and designed for SEO. Now, you're open for business to the outside world! Start advertising your site to get traffic. You're going to get a lot of free traffic from search engines and other sources on the web. Imagine referrals that you did not have to pay for! Do not stop there! There are hundreds of methods out there for advertising your site. Make a flyer and hand it out at your closes university! Put an ad in your local newspaper! If you're making money, then start advertising in Google AdWords. There are so many more strategies out there; you just have to find what works for you!

Many may have already implemented these steps to their everyday routine, so how can you optimize it? If it's not working, then you need a new approach. You may find step 5 useful, and try your own method of advertising. Making money is not simple, and it requires some work. More effort equals to higher return. Certain approach may work for some, and not others. Find out what works for you, and capitalize on it!

In my next issue, I will walk you through step by step on how you can have your page ranked on the first page of Google generating hundreds of free leads, and it will cost you $ 0.


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