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The intended purpose of this very short article is to enlighten you about some of the possible dangers, relating to some of the cures and treatments on the market today, regarding yeast infection. Always, consult with your personal doctor. Or as is properly stated, your health care professional. Ok, I am a farmer, and I talk in farmer talk. Doctor to me is a Dr., not my health care professional. Smile. ALSO, the statements in this article are my thoughts and / or opinions, based on reading, and personal experience with yeast infection.

Identification of nail yeast infection is usually painfully easy. I do not intend to say that it is pain, as in a hurting, rather a pain as in "oh no I have a …" Yeast infection, as we have come to find out manifests itself in numerous ways. A candida albicans infection of the skin around the base and sides of the nails frequently occurs. Both our hands and our feet are targets forget another type of yeast infection. People most at risk are what hands are constantly wet and children who suck their thumbs. The skin at the base of the nail becomes red and painful over the period of a day or so. Occidentally, there is pus discharged from the sides of the nails. If the infection persists, the skin below the nail can become infected. If this occurs, the nail can become irregular, thickened and brittle, with ridges and groves in it.

We feel that natural treatment of nail yeast infections, are simple and safe. We do strongly suggest you consult with your personal physician, prior to any personal use, of any idea you read here. Infections in the skin around the edge of the nail may be successfully treated with Tea Tree Oil. This oil should be applied twice daily and massaged into the affected area until the infection goes away.

Now the yeast infection gone under the nail, it has now become much more difficult
to treat. This is because the area is protected by the nail surface. One method of treatment for these infections under the fingernail or toenail, a solution of Crystal Violet in alcohol should be applied, like nail polish, on the nails. We found the Crystal Violet in our local health food store. This application should continue twice a week for 3-4 months, or about a week after it has cleared up. Gentian Violet or Crystal Violet Solution is available at pharmacies or chemists.

Now after having cleared up this problem area, we must now apply a prevention of nail yeast infection recurring. Try to avoid infection by keeping your nail, and the surrounding skin areas as dry as possible. If your hands must be repeatedly in water, protect your hands, nails and cuticles with lanolin, and hand lotion containing a good amount of linolin or wear gloves. If you are honest to nail yeast infection under or around the nail, massage the nail and cuticle areas with Tea Tree Oil prior to exposure to water.

I have attempted to share with you what I feel are some really good treatments and / or cures for yeast infection. There are a lot natural treatments and cures, available to us. The choice of what to use, when to use it, and how to use it is ours. While it is hoped you have been enlightened by these few words, I am grateful. However, I do not hold, nor do I practice as a health care professionals. So even, if you do not follow your doctors advice, at least talk to them about what your doing. Among other things yeast infections of our nails is not pleasant to look at.

Source by Walter Scheu

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