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I know it seems too good to be true, but you actually can increase your body’s production of collagen naturally. In fact, I’ll be as bold to say that it’s the only needle-free way to actually replace collagen. This means that « collagen » cream you purchased (you know, the one that lists « collagen » as an ingredient) is pure bunk.

Skeptical? Good for you. It shows you’re a thinker. Since I respect that, let me build my case. Then you can make your own decision about whether to continue buying those so-called aging collagen boosters, or hop over the fence to the green pastures of proven natural skin stimulants.

BFF: Collagen, Elastin, and Keratin

What is collagen? Collagen is a type of protein. You have it all over your body – it connects and supports your tissues. Skin, bone, tendons, muscles, cartilage…there are more than 25 different types knitting your body together. Without it, you would, quite literally, fall apart.

Collagen has a close friend, elastin, that helps it maintain strong healthy (wrinkle-free) skin. These two peas-in-a-pod rely on one another. The collagen provides the strength, the elastin the flexibility. As you age, the collagen and elastin begin to deteriorate. Lack of strong collagen starts the wrinkling process. Poor elastin allows the skin to sag.

Intermingling with these two is Keratin. Keratin is a wonder-protein that can be as hard as a rock (like in horns, nails, and claws) or as soft as a blanket (like in wool). These « Three Musketeers » of healthy skin work together.

So why do I conject that those products containing « collagen » of « elastin » ingredients are pure bunk? Because their molecules are too large to slide inside your skin’s natural barriers. You might as well be spreading yogurt on your face (…and actually that could be more beneficial…)

The only benefit to those creams is that they will slow down water loss, leaving your skin feeling supple, but not really doing any real work. (It’s smoke and mirrors.)

Why do you suppose celebrities and other wealthy socialites are willing to pay $375 for increasing collagen injections every 3-6 months? Because they understand that collagen must grow from the inside out.

Personally, I don’t have $1500 to set aside every year for collagen treatments. That’s why I was so excited to discover through my research that there is actually an ingredient called Cynergy TK that we can use to increase our collagen naturally (and needle-free).

Functional Keratin to the Rescue!

Remember the wonder-protein Keratin I mentioned? In an effort to shave costs, some manufacturers will attempt to add keratin into their products by reducing hooves, horns and feathers with high temperatures and acids (called « hydrolyzation ») into a form they can then add to a cream. Does this sound skin-yummy to you?

A bio-company called Keratec (who creates Cynergy TK), has achieved some truly amazing feats in the world of biological beauty products. They specialize in taking organic substances and developing them (through natural means) into helpful and healthy skin products. Their most recent discovery converts the natural keratin from soft wool into a functional-form that is small enough to soak through your skin’s natural barrier. It’s called « keratin solublization ». (Doesn’t that just sound so much better?)

This new « Functional Keratin » is very similar to the basic protein found in your skin. This means that your skin reacts to it with open arms, in a « come on in, buddy! » attitude. In clinical trials, Functional Keratin was proven to not only stimulate the re-growth of collagen, but also it’s best friend and ally: elastin. As your body naturally begins to increasing collagen, and your elastin levels double, your wrinkles begin to fade away.

This is just a 2-D picture of the benefits scientists discovered when testing Cynergy TK. To see the whole picture of all the benefits Cynergy TK has for your skin (besides increasing collagen and elastin levels). Visit my website hyperlinked below. From antioxident benefits (goodbye blemishes!) to aiding in reducing redness and skin sensitivity, Cynergy TK promises to be the Patriarch in a whole new, natural, way of looking at skin care.

If your skin care product promises increasing collagen levels but doesn’t contain Cynergy TK, you’re being had. You can either pony up the $1500 for yearly collagen injections, or (like me) pick up a product with Cynergy TK. Too see the products I’ve found that contain this new breakthrough ingredient, visit my website below.

Source by Ranae Pritchard

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