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Molding or massage treatments and the use of a brisk astringent are essential steps toward banishing a double chin or flabby throatline, but also you must concentrate on exercises.

Even though you feel a bit skeptical about their effectiveness at first, practice first, practice them regularly for a couple of weeks and you will settle down to doing them in earnest because you can see so much improvement.

Stand with head erect, shoulders square, chest high. Turn the chin over the right shoulder, slowly, stretching all the way. Then turn over the left and as far back as you can. Repeat five times in each direction.

Now drop the chin onto the chest as though your head were too heavy to support. Slowly lift the head and drop backward as far as it will go. Repeat this five to ten times.

Next roll the head slowly all the way around the shoulders, touching the body all the way. To the right five times, then reverse and roll the head around to the left. Sit in a straight-backed chair while you are doing this one as it may make you feel a bit dizzy at first.

Finally, drop the head back as far as you can and slowly open and close the mouth ten times. Remember to do all these exercises slowly. It is the steady, deliberate pull on the muscles that strengthens them and restores their elasticity.

Be sure to cleanse and cream the neck well before any massage treatment or exercise. And finish by wiping off the cream and patting briskly with ice water or astringent to help further in firming and toning the tissues.

For the chin that is not really double, but merely baggy and loose, do the same exercises, only less strenuously. Use plenty of facial oil or rich cream.

If the throat is creepy, stringy looking or scrawny, take the same exercises. Exercise uses the muscles, making them fuller, stimulating the circulation and improving the skin texture and color. Use lots of rich cream and occasionally, when you have time for a prolonged treatment, a warm oil or a milk mask preparation that will speed up circulation, banish that dull look and cause flakes of dead skin to slough off. All chins need cold water smacked under them in the morning and occasionally a quick ice rub before make-up is applied.

And do pay more attention to make-up. Necks need the same thoughtful treatment you give your face. Use a foundation. A powder lotion is generally considered best as it lasts and lasts and is less likely to rub off on the collar of your frock. If the neck is thin and dry, however, you may use some of your cream foundation if you will put it on sparingly, powder with more care, then go over the area quickly with a pad of cotton moistened with cold water. This will set the makeup and give a clear, natural look to the skin.

There’s another enemy you may have to eliminate or at least try to avoid if you want a pleasantly youthful face – the lines from the corners, of the nose to the mouth. Give them some attention when you are having your throat treatment. Apply rich cream and with two fingers of each hand, begin at the sides of the chin and mold upward to the nose. Think of something pleasant while you work so the corners of the lips will be automatically lifted and relaxed. Repeat the upward massage about twenty times.

Another exercise that’s equally good is to hold the lips together firmly and fill the cheeks with air. Then smack briskly up over the same lines. Slowly expel the air, relax and repeat several times.

Source by Angel Merle

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