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Many women spend years and countless dollars investing in creams and products that will help prevent the aging of their face. Unfortunately, most women forget to care for their neck and chest until it is too late. A woman’s neck and chest are covered by delicate, thin skin similar to that on the face. Because this skin is very fragile and very delicate, it ages faster than the rest of the body. However, many women don’t realize that their neck and chest need special treatment until they are facing sagging, wrinkly skin. These wrinkles can give away a person’s age quickly even if her facial skin looks young and supple.

Worst of all, most creams and gels only work to prevent aging, not reverse it. Even plastic surgery does not work when it comes to the neck and chest. Until recently women had no choice but to accept their neck and chest issues. However, a relatively new product, Nexifirm, distributed by Dermagevity has given women new hope. Nexifirm is a different kind of skin product because it is specifically formulated to target sagging skin that is unique to the neck and chest. Nexifirm has ingredients that have been scientifically shown to tighten, firm and plump skin, making the neck and chest area look tighter and more lifted. Here’s how Nexifirm’s potent ingredients work.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is an amazing product that has only recently been used in the beauty industry. Although many women may shy away from products that contain acids, HA is actually produced by our bodies naturally and acts as a lubricant for joints, a healing mechanism and cell regenerator. However, as we age we loose HA and our bodies recover more slowly. What scientists have discovered is that when HA is reproduced in a laboratory and given to patients, they heal more quickly and with less scarring.

Because HA works to help the body regenerate cells and heal more quickly, beauty product manufacturers have realized its inherent benefit for women hoping to look younger and fresher. Just as HA helps patients recover more quickly from a surgery or injury, HA also helps perfectly good, but perhaps older, skin turn cells over more quickly revealing younger, firmer skin.


Another reason why women experience sagging and wrinkling of the skin is because their skin become damaged due to dryness and over stretching. Squalane is another ingredient in Nexifirm that had its root in science and medicine. Squalane was originally found in shark liver and was used as a bonding agent for certain medications. However, Squalane was later discovered in other plant and animal species, including humans, and was found to be an amazing lubricant. However, unfortunately, as we age our bodies make less squalane and skin can become dry and loose firmness.

Fortunately, scientists have found a way to extract squalane from olives and products such as Nexifirm have found great success in adding it to their product to increase moisture content and suppleness of the skin.

Lauroyl Proline

Another active ingredient in Nexifirm is Lauroyl Proline (LP), a substance that helps firm skin. Because many women experience sagging as well as wrinkling on their necks and chest area, Nexifirm has included LP as a way to combat drooping skin. LP works in much the same way that caffeine, another great anti-aging ingredient, works. What LP does is trick the skin cells into releasing some of their fatty tissue and water. When the cells release these heavy, weight bearing substances, there is an almost immediate tightening of the skin.


Aquaxyl is a substance that has been developed as a beauty product ingredient. Aquaxyl helps cells maintain moisture and prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated and therefore damaged. What is really remarkable about this ingredient, however, is that researcher have found that Aquaxyl not only adds moisture but it also helps the body learn to naturally retain that moisture over time. Researchers have found that cell water loss was reduced after one month of using Aquaxyl on the skin.

Although topical products have often left women disappointed in the past, Nexifirm has some very potent and proven ingredients that are designed to produce noticeable results. If you are interested in reversing the look of aging skin on your neck and chest, this product is definitely worth a try.

Source by Darlene Manchester

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