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Indians and Indian culture both have always been very finicky about the rituals and customs to be followed in each and every religious practice. The best example in which one gets to see all the customs of the Indian origin being practiced sacredly is the Indian marriage. Indian marriages have always been the true depiction of the values ​​possessed by the people of India.

Indian weddings are in a way the mirror image of the ancient India. Although a lot many changes can be observed in the practices followed in the Indian weddings, but the essence of the wedding remains the same. Indians still consider marriage as the life long bond, the decision of which is taken by the god and is to be resumed for the other seven lives by a couple.

Indian families complement of their modernized approach always have a number of expectation from their daughter- in- law. According to them, the bride from the very first day should be perfect and adapt all the values ​​and rituals of their house. This is because; People generally do not implement things in their life, the lectures for which they keep on giving to others.

One can find an old man suggesting his friend to adopt the modern approach to have a smooth and calm atmosphere in his house, so that clashes do not arise between different generations. But, on the other hand, the same old man can be seen giving lectures to his new daughter-in-law about the meanings of marriage and the hards that the modern thinking can have on her new married life. This is really hypocrite, but one can not really help it. At the end it is in the hand of the bride, what contributions does she make to let the journey of her marriage life move happily and smoothly.

Following are few of the things, which should be kept in mind, by a newly wedded Indian bride, which can help her in leading a smooth married life and also to maintain a healthy balance between her personal and professional life:

The new bride first of all should be very polite and humble in her attitude towards each and every single person she comes across. She needs to be instilled with the values ​​of not losing her temper in any of the extreme situations.

The new Indian bride should try and understand all the customs and rituals of her new house and should gradually implement things into her daily life practices. The family members should also give her time to adapt the changes and mold herself accordingly.

The new bride must be able to gel well with all the other members of the family. She should have an extrovert attitude and be able to form a bond with each member of the family slowly.

She should give time to herself and to the family to understand each other well. There are many things, which one does not like, but in order to have a normal lifestyle, adjustments need to be made between the bride and her new family.

In case, if the new bride is working, then she should have the ability to maintain a balance between her personal and professional life. Time and care are the things, which are most importantly required to nourish a healthy married life. It takes time to understand the housing practices of the new family, but making little adjustments can actually add to the smoothing of the married life of the couple.

So, by keeping, these small things in mind, a newly wedded Indian bride can succeed in having a hassle free, cheerful and a happy married life

Source by Gurleen Kaur

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